Used Piano vs New Piano

Piano player closeup on handsWhen you decide to purchase a piano, you have to decide whether you will invest in a brand new one, or whether you would be happy to buy a pre-owned piano.


There is a much bigger market for used pianos than there is for brand new ones, and each has their merits.


To help you with your choice, take a look at some of the advantages and the disadvantages of buying new or used pianos.


Advantages to Buying a New Piano

– There are lower maintenance costs involved with a new piano and it will have a longer life expectancy.


– New pianos should not have any defects, but if there are any you will have a manufacturer’s warranty to protect you, giving you peace of mind about your investment.


Disadvantages of Buying a New Piano

– Buying a new piano will involve a significant amount of money and therefore the upfront cost is quite high.


– If for some reason you need to sell your piano within the first few years, you will be unable to recoup all of your investment, since the depreciation of a brand new piano is quite high.


– The choice of styles and finishes available for new pianos is fairly limited, especially if you prefer an older style piano.


Advantages to Buying a Second-Hand Piano

– The main advantage to buying a used piano is the cost savings, which is likely to be significant against the cost of a brand new one, so the upfront cost is much lower.


– If you need to sell the piano at some point, even within a few years of buying it, you can normally expect to get back some money for it. This is because the piano was already depreciated when you bought it so you are very unlikely to lose a lot of money.


– You will have a good choice of old styles and finishes when shopping for a pre-owned piano, which can make the buying process a much more fun and interesting experience.


– A used piano can be restored to the point that it almost seems like you have a brand new piano.


Disadvantages of Buying a Second-Hand Piano

– When you purchase a used piano you will not normally get any kind of warranty, unless you purchase it through a dealer or you have it restored and receive a warranty from the restorer. We do provide at least one year warranty.


– Used pianos have higher maintenance costs, a shorter life expectancy and a greater chance of finding a defect. However, all of these can be avoided if you have it inspected by a piano technician. Our piano technicians will walk through with you and explain to you the in and outs of the piano that you are going to buy with no additional costs.


– Shopping for used pianos can be a little confusing and difficult, especially if you are a beginner. We can provide the necessary advise based on your budget and playing experience. We strive to provide you with a smooth piano buying experience.


As mentioned above, there are pros and cons to buying a new piano, and to buying a second hand piano.


In reality, most people tend to purchase a used piano because of the significant cost savings. Furthermore, the risks involved are effectively managed by having it professionally examined and appraised by our qualified piano technicians.


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